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Service.pwd - How to generate password?

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by Sir Tom, Mar 15, 2006.

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    I'm confused on how to generate a password to be inserted into the service.pwd file.

    The file contains information like:


    Some googled sites said the password was md5. Since I know the password I am using to access this section of my website, I put that password in the md5 generators and not one generator has given me the same encrypted code that is in my service.pwd
    I know the plain-text password I would like to add, I just don't understand how to encrypt that plain-text password so that I may insert it into the service.pwd file.

    Any ideas?

    Is frontpage a necessity to do this? How would I generate the encryption in frontpage?

    Thank you. :)
    Sir Tom, Mar 15, 2006 IP
  2. flawebworks

    flawebworks Tech Services

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    The service.pwd file is created by frontpage extensions. It is usually your password you were given by your host, and the password is in encrypted form, but you won't be able to duplicate it like you're doing.

    You can create a new user in frontpage, with a password and it will be written to this file.

    I don't know about inserting a new user into this file, but I have changed the original password when nothing else would do it by inputting a desired password into one of the password encryption utilities, and then pasting the newly generated encrypted password into the service.pwd file. I've done this in a webhosting support capacity, and please note you can break your extensions by messing with these files. You've been warned.

    Frontpage does not generate the encryption, it uses software supplied by unix.
    flawebworks, Mar 15, 2006 IP