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Buying Service Partners; designers, graphics, php etc.

Discussion in 'Services' started by basscleff, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Hiring Service Partners

    I have a small web consulting business, and often need help with various tasks.
    I offer competitive pricing and most of my clients are in Canada and US.

    Seeking individuals that will offer me good prices and timelines for their work - knowing that - if the price, quality, delivery is right - I will call upon you again.

    I am looking for individuals (not interested in companies unless prices are competitive with individuals) that I can call upon to assist me with:

    - web graphics
    - graphics design
    - psd to wordpress
    - psd to html\css
    - wordpress coding
    - wordpress theme design
    - php programming
    - general troubleshooting
    - occasional SEO services

    I am sure you will see by my itrader and reputation, I am a good person to work with.

    I frequently send out quote requests and read through the responses, and select the best suited. If interested, be aware that I will send emails as I require services.

    Please contact me via email -

    In your reply, please tell me:
    - your skill(s) specialty
    - sample rates
    - sample links

    I will add you to my contact list and send quote requests.

    thx for your time!
    basscleff, Jul 2, 2010 IP
  2. gotroot

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    I am located in Houston, TX and I could probably offer you all the services you require but I am not sure if I'll qualify with my rates. Can you give me an idea regarding how much you'd like to pay for a simple website design (no flash)?
    gotroot, Jul 3, 2010 IP