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SEO experts looking for network opportunity

Discussion in 'SEO' started by AndriyZ, Aug 23, 2010.

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    We are a small SEO company looking for networking opportunity with web design agencies, online marketing companies who are interested to subcontract overflow of their work and any other company/agency/firm who might need SEO services.
    We are SEO company who guarantees positions on Google, in other words we guarantee top 10 position for any keyword customer chooses. We also offer support which would guarantee that keyword stays in top 10 as long as support maintained. Support is a monthly charge, which means a steady income for your company without investing any time.
    If it is something that sounds interesting to you and your company fell free to contact me via PM or call 214 908 1101

    Our portfolio (you can look up a position of keyword by entering it in Google search and look up site’s URL):

    Jose Eber Hair Salon
    This is one of my most notable projects. I have done optimization for salon of one of World’s most famous celebrity hairdresser located in Plano TX (Dallas area) He have got some hair awards that only one person got before him, so he is a celebrity himself. If you interested to find out more you can Google his name.
    Best hair salon Dallas
    Best hair stylist Dallas
    Hair salon Dallas
    Hair salon Plano

    Stained Glass Mall
    This project is notable because of popularity of some keywords chosen. “Stained Glass Panels” have over 120,000 requests per month making it extremely competitive keyword. We are also #1 for keyword” Stained glass panels for sale”. The project is still in progress and we have another competitive keyword on its way to page one “stained glass windows”, but for now it is on position 14.
    Stained glass panels
    Stained glass panels for sale
    Stained glass window for sale
    Stained glass windows for sale
    stained glass panel
    stained glass window panels
    buy stained glass windows
    glass panels for sale
    buy stained glass window
    stained glass windows sale
    discount stained glass panels

    Dallas Outdoor Kitchens
    This is one local company. They come to me at the very beginning of their existence for advertising help because they couldn’t afford to pay for advertising in magazines. A year later their company net profit was over $500,000 and they still do not advertise anywhere other than with me, not even Pay Per Click.
    Dallas outdoor kitchens
    Dallas outdoor Frisco
    Sun bbq grills
    Sun grills
    Belgard pavers Dallas
    Pavers Dallas
    Interlocking pavers Dallas
    Paver contractor Dallas
    Pavers Frisco
    Interlocking pavers Frisco
    Paver contractor Frisco
    Stamped concrete Dallas
    Concrete contractors Dallas
    Decorative concrete Dallas
    Outdoor fireplaces Frisco
    Decorative Concrete Solutions
    This is a small local concrete contractor. When the owner came to me they had no presence online. Now they are in top 5 positions for all of desired keywords. This customer also quit spending money on print advertising and only advertises with me.
    Decorative concrete Dallas
    Concrete contractors Dallas
    Stamped concrete Dallas
    Decorative concrete DFW
    Concrete contractor Dallas
    Stamped concrete DFW

    5 Star Outdoor Living
    This is a small contracting company just beginning to expand. They came to us as a referral from our existing customer and now majority of their business comes from our SEO campaign even though it is at the beginning stages with just a few keywords chosen.
    Outdoor Kitchens Frisco
    Outdoor Kitchens Dallas
    Outdoor Fireplaces Frisco

    Speedy Movers
    New York's moving company. They are another company who solely relies on our marketing and does not use any other form of advertising.
    Brooklyn movers
    Moving companies Brooklyn
    Staten Island movers
    Long Island movers
    Westchester movers
    Park Slope movers
    Bronx movers
    Moving companies Queens
    Moving companies Nassau
    Moving companies Bay Ridge

    Green Line Movers
    Another moving company from New York
    Piscataway movers
    Morristown movers
    East Brunswick movers
    South Brunswick movers
    North Brunswick movers
    Carteret movers Montclair movers
    Fort lee movers
    Middletown movers
    Toms river movers
    Old bridge movers
    Red bank movers
    AndriyZ, Aug 23, 2010 IP
  2. alixkc

    alixkc Peon

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    Wow! Great job with your thorough instructions. Thanks so much.
    alixkc, Aug 25, 2010 IP
  3. AndriyZ

    AndriyZ Peon

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    well, I posted them just in case:)
    AndriyZ, Aug 25, 2010 IP