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Sentilo - a new dimension in Social Media Campaign

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by sentilo, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Facebook , LinkedIn, and Twitter in one place? Thanks Sentilo is finally possible. Full automation of accounts in social media and online campaign management are just some of the functionality of the portal, which is revolutionizing the Polish market of e-services.

    New media set before users many opportunities and challenges. When planning your activities on the Internet companies increasingly use professional tools that facilitate the coordination of tasks. And effective communication in social media is a multi-channel communication, in which specialists use all opportunities to reach customers. Therefore, rapidly growing demand for tools interegrujÄ…ce work on multiple accounts simultaneously social media.

    In response to the high expectations of the market comes Sentilo, which alone offers comprehensive management channels online campaigns using a single tool. With e-service companies can finally forget about the problems that have been the bane of the campaign in Social Media. Sentilo gives you the ability to add content from multiple sites at the same time, buying ads on various sites from the user panel Sentilo, control costs and effects of advertising. Another advantage is certainly the possibility of preparing and setting up of dedicated applications for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    In addition Sentilo introduced division into three subscription plans - Standard, the Professional, Premium. This allows each user finds a solution perfectly suited for your needs. The Standard subscription, each user will be able to count on the basic functionality of the service, with the ability to log up to three users contrived and work at ten campaigns at the same time. For more demanding introduced online support and up to 10 concurrent users and 99 campaign. Package dedicated clients the agency provides unlimited opportunities for effective work on campaigns in social media.

    Such an innovative project has been prepared by a team with many years of experience in running an online campaign confirmed conducted research that led to the diagnosis of the market and preparing tools to measure the current needs of users.

    The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy Measure 8.1. Grants for Innovation - Investing in your future.

    sentilo, Dec 27, 2013 IP