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SellLogo.com - Established Premium Domain Estibot value of $740

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by xjamesdavisx, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Am looking to sell. Looking to sell to investors or to someone looking to brand a logo business site of the likes of brandstack.com and stocklogos.com

    * "sell logo" is a generic phase and a very popular search phase in google with over 373,000 on google
    * easy recognizable and memorable.

    *Average PPC IS $2.55 USD

    Selling logos should I say more ? very profitable oppurtunity to grab this domain

    Will start with bids at $500
    xjamesdavisx, Feb 3, 2011 IP
  2. silverone

    silverone Greenhorn

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    Your domain offer doesn't belong here, it should go to the "Buy, Sell or Trade" marketplace. Once you have 25 posts you will be able to post there.
    silverone, Feb 4, 2011 IP