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Selling Directory, NNNL.com domain - Script Licence Included with Proof..

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Joshyn, Sep 24, 2008.

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    Im selling my directory with Licensed Script www.214k.com it is quite new so dosent have Page Rank or even traffic, but i estimate PR2 - PR3 on the next update
    because as you can see in picture on phplinkbid site has over 2000 backlinks
    and its on the site list from PHPlinkbid witch has a PR4

    Domain is Registred at Godaddy:

    Created: 2008-05-10
    Expires: 2010-05-10
    Updated: 2008-07-31


    The script that im using is phplinkdirectory, and domain comes with original script and plugins ( Pagerank and BackLinks ) witch i payed $60-$70 1 month ago.In the picture is the proof that i buyed script and plugins, and here is the link also if you want to check:http://phplinkbid.com/en/sites


    Today was first payment for this directory...as you can see in the image, and i didnt make any publicity on directory.. :


    I am asking the price that i payed for licensed script and the tax registrar for 2 years from godaddy...so practically the money i have payed for licensed script and domain registry for 2 years, i dont have time for this directory..

    The BIN is $90
    Joshyn, Sep 24, 2008 IP
  2. Joshyn

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    UPDATE of thread:

    Script was .. $70 with licence and domain 2 years $20

    BIN only $70 now
    Joshyn, Sep 25, 2008 IP