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Selling Selling a UK Business Directory with over 3.2m listings

Discussion in 'Sites' started by headless, Jun 27, 2020.

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    About the Business
    One of the Locals was custom built-in June 2019, it houses over 3.2 million business listings for businesses all across the UK.

    It has been built from the ground up with a focus on SEO, the website has been optimised professionally by myself with nearly 10 years of experience in SEO. It is being indexed well by Google with nearly 70k monthly impressions in Google, this number has been growing monthly.

    The website has yet to be monetised but easily has the ability to add a paid listing option to prioritise paid listings over regular listings.

    The website is custom built-in Laravel and requires no maintenance on a monthly basis.

    How does your business make money?
    Currently, we are not a money-making business, the website was set up to spend the first year being indexed by Google (due to the website size this takes time).

    The plan was to introduce paid listings but I have no time to implement this.
    Why are you selling this business?
    I have another business that takes 100% of my time and I am not able to put any time into building this business.

    There is a lot of opportunities for someone to build the website further and start to make revenue from it.

    Who would this business be perfect for?
    This would be perfect for anyone who has the time to start making this a revenue-generating business. Whether that be from paid listings, or even providing company information for leads etc...
    headless, Jun 27, 2020 IP
  2. DarkSolo

    DarkSolo Peon

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    I like your UX and business model, but isn't your asking price a bit high considering there is no revenue at all. Is the price negotiable at all?
    Can you please grant me google analytics access?
    May I know how did you market the website to get the traffic?
    DarkSolo, Jul 21, 2020 IP