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Seller Central - Product abnormally rejected

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by locosr, Dec 14, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    Hope you're well.

    I need some of your insights here.

    I recently created 8 new Grocery products into Seller Central. 6 got approved while 2 remained inactive & required additional approval. After investigating, it seems that those 2 products required additional approval because they included the word "Organic" (basically I had to provide 2 specific certificates to prove the organic origin).

    I have reached out to my supplier who unfortunately failed to provide the certificates (despite the fact he guaranteed the products were organic when I bought them. No big deal in the end, I just reached out to Seller Central support to ask them to remove the word "organic" from the description (I was not able to do it myself as the description was blocked because of the extra approval required.

    Here is the answer I got:

    " Thank you for contacting Amazon. In response to your question about approval to sell XXXXXXX; XXXXXX, we are currently not accepting applications to sell these items.

    We will not be able to provide any further information at this time. "

    I was kind of skeptical regarding this answer (we all know that Seller central support is not the best). So I tried to add pretty much the same product but from another supplier. The product got approved within a few hours.
    Conclusion, I got blocked because this "organic" description thing.

    So, in order to unlock the situation, I was thinking of submitting a new product approval with a new UPC this time & without the word "organic" in the description. The risk is obvious, the rest of the description will be the same as well as the pictures.

    What do you think is the risk of doing this? We all know that once you get flagged from Seller Central, it is kind of difficult to get back to a normal situation. Therefore, I don't want to make anything that could geopardize my account. BUT, it looks also obvious that I need to find a way around to tackle this unfair rejection.

    Any advice is welcome is here :)

    locosr, Dec 14, 2020 IP