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Buying Seeking Coder to Create Web Based WP Blog Poster

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Avo19, Oct 11, 2019.

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    I'm looking for a competent coder (open to any language) to develop a Linux hosted solution for posting out (xlmrpc) to a PBN of Wordpress blogs.

    I envisage this project being done in stages.

    The first stage is to create a bare bones web based Blog poster that does the following:
    * Accepts input into a form divided into areas, for title & post body text, and one that accepts a list of blog urls to post to. Plus a post response window.
    * Probably very much similar in appearance to Scrapebox's plugin Blog poster, if you're familiar with it.
    * Both title & post body inputs accept spintaxt and html such as Google maps embed codes. Form fields will be populated by pasting in text.
    * The Blog list area displays a list of blogs to post too. The list is populated by directly by pasting in a list or uploading a list of urls with associated login & pwd
    *Offer a Preview button for a preview of post, before posting.
    * Once posting commences, the poster spins the post (if in spintaxt) and posts to blogs using xlmrpc
    * Posts only once to each blog in the list.
    * Gives a live running report on success or failure of each post, and at completion of posting, allows d/load of completed blog post urls and failed blogs, if any.

    So that's the bare bones of what I require ASAP.

    Once that is up and working correctly, I want to expand and add features :
    * Tracking of past posts based on individual job ID, to prevent dupes for posts for same job ID in the future
    * Scheduling, both simple and complex
    * Ability to post to a db hosted list of blogs, picking blogs at random, with no dupes.
    * Send out via xlmrpc post deletion requests based on job ID
    * Use of tokens within posts that will be substituted at post time with respective elements such as url, keyword, image/video assets etc.
    Once we've come to agreement on what is required and needs to be done, I'd want a quote on the work. The quote can vary by a small % as work progresses, as I understand unforeseen issues can arise.

    I will pay on agreed milestones, using either Paypal, Payoneer or BTC.

    I'm looking to get this first stage up & running ASAP, so will require an expected TAT.

    As I wrote, I envisage this as an on going development, so you must be available to complete all aspects, and for future debugging. So please don't apply if you know you'll be tied up elsewhere with no free time to work on this project.
    If your interested and qualified, please contact me via PM to discuss further. I would also like to see some examples of past work you have done.
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    Avo19, Oct 11, 2019 IP
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  2. Avo19

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    Thread Closed. Thanks to all that replied
    Avo19, Oct 15, 2019 IP