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Seeking Advice Regarding Google's Reconsideration Request

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by deezon, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Hi Folks! One of our clients is facing Manual Actions by Google so we had to file a reconsideration request. Apparently, a large number of links were placed on Chinese, Russian websites, most of them spam, possibly by their competitors. We pulled out the links data from Ahrefs, GSC, CognitiveSEO, Majestic & a few other places. We went one by one across each link, scanning them and trying to determine if it was a spam link or artificial link. Then we pulled out contact information (from WHOIS) of domain owners. We sent them an email requesting to remove our client's website link from theirs. Except for a few, none of them complied. We documented this in a Google sheet and disavowed all the spam/artificial/unnatural inbound links in GSC. Our first reconsideration request was denied with the following reason:

    Google has reviewed your site in response to your reconsideration request. Based on this review, Google believes that your site still violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. To resolve all manual actions, review your site again, correct the necessary items, and file another reconsideration request.

    So before we file a second reconsideration request, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this. Our biggest challenge is that the website owners don't comply - they just don't reply to your emails. An even bigger issue is Privacy Protection on the domain names. Some contact forms of the websites don't work while some of the websites don't even have contact forms. It's weird Russian/Chinese websites we're dealing with here.
    deezon, Jul 5, 2019 IP