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Security & SEO SMF VS MyBB

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by hamonpari, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. ~kev~

    ~kev~ Well-Known Member

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    In the long run (2, 3 or 4 years from now) I see MYBB bypassing SMF.

    To be honest, I could not care less if the software uses MD5 or SHA - that is like beating a dead horse.

    The important issues are support and security updates. Both of which I have seen the smf developers sweep under the rug.

    SMF - I have posted several questions in the SMF forums, and have not received a reply in weeks. These are not your "site down need help ASAP!!!" question, its more along the lines of folder permissions, .htaccess entires and other questions about security. I was disappointed that I could not get some information on how to tweak my forums security. And that brings up the next topic.

    Security updates and bulletins with the smf community are lacking. A couple of months ago there was a rather severe security issue with SMF. There was not a single mention of this security flaw on the smf home page, nor was there an email notification of the problem. Nor was there an email notification when the patch was released. The whole issue was handled as quietly as possible.

    Because of problems like I listed above, people are looking for other forum software. This is where MYBB comes in.

    MYBB - As long as MYBB can release timely security updates, and provide a helpful community, people will continue to use and recommend the software.

    MYBB does not have the number of modifications like SMF does. But in time that problem should be fixed.

    Years ago PHPBB was the dominating free forum software. After a series of security issues, people left PHPBB and flocked to other software, including SMF. Since that time SMF has been the dominating force in free forum software. And now, SMF is loosing popularity, just as PHPBB did. And just as before, another group of developers is putting out a forum that will knock SMF out of the top spot. Or rather SMF will know their selves out of the top spot.

    It appears that MYBB is looking towards the future, while SMF is stuck in a rut from 3 years ago. There has not been a major update to SMF in several years, the SMF forum from 3 years ago looks just like the SMF from today. This is also one of the major complaints with PHPBB. Where are the major updates?
    The next forums I put together I will probably be using MYBB. Over the past few months I have taken the time to join and post in several MYBB forums. This was my first step in learning how to use the software.
    ~kev~, Jan 5, 2009 IP
  2. RectangleMan

    RectangleMan Notable Member

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    Kev any questions you have about Mybb just let me know. And you been a good guy. If you want a Mybb Central subscription from me let me know.

    I won't speak about your comments concerning SMF just now but I will comment on Mybb.

    When they have releases they send out a notification via their newsletter mailing list. However I also subscribe to their Announcement Forums http://community.mybboard.net/forum-2.html. I am almost always one of the first 10 people to update my forums. So notifications so far haven't been an issue. I will be honest and say though that Mybb team has flubbed the last few updates by not having correctly sync'd files between their CVS, upgrade files, and full version. They haven't really explained how this happens so I assume it's just human error but imho it's troublesome especially when I am one of the very first to update and then I find out a file or two was wrong. So that's one complaint from me.

    Another issue I have with Mybb is their record of bugs. They do a good job of maintaining their bugs fixed threads in a forum but as soon as a new update occurs they purge the bug threads to a hidden staff area. Again I have complained a couple times but so far no sustained results. I want to see old bug reports to ensure that indeed a bug was fixed and often old bug reports can help lead you to new bugs.

    For the future Mybb looks very bright though. They have been rather proactive with their versions. Chris (Mybb founder) has already started laying the groundwork for Mybb 2.0 which he states is a complete ground up version. He wants to jump Mybb project to the latest standards and imho that's where other software falls behind fast. In 2-3 years much changes and currently projects like SMF or PHPBB seem to take 5+ years to get out a new version that by time it's released it's already behind in standards. Even though Mybb developers are a very small team they have managed some great feats imho because they are focused and they appear to understand they are developing a forum software. Most of the fluff and things that can be plugins they have allowed them to be external. Unlike VB which has taken it's base package into realms most don't even want to go. PHPBB is just a mess. I can't remember the last time I saw a good popular phpbb3 forum.
    RectangleMan, Jan 5, 2009 IP
  3. donjajo

    donjajo Active Member

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    well, i know this post is outdated but will still like to comment. SMF is the best so far for me, thinking mybb was good i jumped into it and flew out in the next 2days because of how things are complicated. But what i know SMF lacks is SEO while MyBB is good in that
    donjajo, Oct 12, 2013 IP