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Secure Data At Database Server

Discussion in 'Security' started by softtechy, Feb 3, 2013.

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    Check IT structure at your organization. Do you have dedicated group to handle security of IT system ? it not, it is big concern, because data security is crucial for business continuity. What if there is spy in your company stolen new products data and then he give it to competitor ?
    The first door to data leakage is that anybody in IT groups have access to main database.
    Data Security team can handle this leakage by some methods, such as : nobody can access to main database server, even for president director. When IT member wants to analyze data, then he can do using special gateway to access main data. the gateway should be able filter and record all activities during somebody access data.
    The independent IT auditor can also help to force IT member to obey data security system.
    When to fix failure in an application, and the only way to recover is by changing data in main database, then data change request needs to be issued formally and approved by related director/manager. [to be continued...]
    softtechy, Feb 3, 2013 IP
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