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Secrets to my present full-time income with youtube, absolutely free.

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Shipra Mukhopadhyaya, May 7, 2013.

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    Frequently I get PMs from my fellow forum members asking various questions related to YouTube marketing. I am going to share with you here what I have learned, from my own success and failures, about YouTube marketing and making money from it.

    First of all I'm not going to try and impress you by giving you hypothetically projected figures for how much you can make by duplicating my methods. The fact is YouTube marketing is my full-time income now.

    How I entered into the world of YouTube Marketing!

    I knew nothing about making a video and how to promote an offer with YouTube marketing even a year ago. I just created 3 videos while learning video making. As I was able to create videos finally I couldn’t resist myself uploading them on YouTube. The game was over and I forgot all about it. (Please read: I left like a typical flop internet marketer desperately searching for the quickest way to earn instantly.)

    Suddenly, one and a half month later, I was surprised to see a direct deposit of $213 in my bank account from ClickBank. (That was my first ever income from ClickBank.) This so-easy, effortless and unexpected earnings made me serious about YouTube marketing to promote ClickBank products.

    I started spending more and more time learning and applying the techniques of YouTube marketing. I read lots of ebooks. I bought and applied lots of tools. I uploaded tons of videos to my 25 YouTube channels of various niches and sub-niches.

    Many of them flopped, many of them made me earn and few clicked, really well, beyond my expectations.

    What I have learned from my own success and failure.

    [1] YouTube marketing is easy and 100% FREE. No catch – no hidden cost. (If you are not going to compete with the big marketers!)
    [2] There is no need to use sophisticated video making tools. What resources already you have or available online for free is more than enough.
    [3] There is no need to spend money on collecting automation tools to make your video rank higher.
    [4] THE MORE YOU WORK MANUALLY THE MORE YOU EARN. Because YouTube love original content and human touch.
    [5] There is no need to over-doing anything. Don’t fall into the trap of spamming.

    A Quick Note:

    -> I prefer keyword-wise product than product-wise keywords. I don’t like to search the market for a product, rather I love to supply the demands to a ready market.
    -> I don’t use any, yes I don’t use any, automation tool for marketing my YouTube video. I do it manually.

    ... these two points ensure my surefire success.

    What I do step-by-step:

    Step#1, I search and find out a killer keyword to shoot.
    Step#2, I find a killer product suitable to the keyword I want to shoot.
    Step#3, I create a bit.ly url of the product’s affiliate link assigned to me
    Step#4, I create a video with Microsoft PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to video converter
    Step#5, I change the file name of the video file I created in step#4 above with the keyword I am going to shoot
    Step#6, I upload the video
    Step#7, I start promoting

    Notes on Video Creation:

    Don’t panic. You may and can always start with a big ZERO. If you are really desperate to earn soon don’t waste your time now on sophisticated video creation tools. Start with one already available with you.

    I myself use Microsoft PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to Video converter.
    I use a black background, white text, one product image and a down arrow image (both are free) and a royalty-free background music. I use fewer slides only and always try to make it a less-than-60 seconds video.

    In the video script copy I use:
    [1] One Header (what you will get+how quickly+with how much small works)
    [2] I address the problem the offer is going to solve
    [3] I now introduce the offer, in this or next to this slide I use the product image
    [4] I reveal the benefit (value in terms of money, time, labor savings or other benefits like, hits, subscribers, friend and followers, rank, backlinks etc. )
    [5] I now end with a call to action text + a down arrow image pointing to the link given in the description.

    Notes on the points to consider while uploading and publishing the video.

    [1] Use the main keyword, you target to shoot, twice in the header.
    [2] Use your bit. ly url at the beginning of your video description immediately following the main keyword, use it once again at the end of the description text
    [3] Use the main keyword in the tag, add a few more keywords of high search volume
    [4] Add an annotation (and if possible caption too) to your video using the main keyword you want to shoot

    The Way I Promote My Video

    A. Just After Publishing The Video

    [1] I go to google keyword tools and search for my video’s url related keywords and immediately after I get the result, I ping the video’s URL
    [2] I assign 100 (one hundred only) views to my video. I manage to get it for free from youlikehits
    [3] I create the individual video feed and submit that feed to feed directories

    B. After 24 hours from the Publishing

    [1] I share my video- url with google+, Facebook home timeline, twitter, in my free Wordpress blog, blogger blog and tumbler – I DON’T DO MORE AND I STRICLTLY DO IT MANUALLY I don’t use any automation here. I KNOW IT IS VITAL.
    [2] I collect all the urls of google+ post, Facebook posts etc. Mass ping them, create a feed with all those urls and submit that feed.
    [3] And I bookmark each one those URLs. I prefer to do it manually. And I collect all those bookmark urls, mass ping them, create another feed with all those bookmark urls and submit that feed.

    C. After 36 hours from the Publishing

    I create a blogger blog with keyword optimized article. And add the video embed code at the top of the blogs right hand sidebar. And add all the raw links of social and bookmark urls I created yesterday

    I ping this blog. I submit the blog-feed to feed directories and I submit that blog to social monkee.

    D. After 168 hours from the Publishing

    I linklicious all the urls together:
    [1] Video url
    [2] Social urls
    [3] Bookmark urls
    [4] Blogger blog urls
    [5] Social monkee success submission urls


    What do I do daily?

    1, Everyday I create and publish a new video
    2, Everyday I submit comments to 4 to 5 videos of several related niches, I do it manually with unique contents

    That’s all what I do with video marketing.

    I hope it will work for you too. All the best!
    Shipra Mukhopadhyaya, May 7, 2013 IP
  2. liquidwebBret

    liquidwebBret Greenhorn

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    That's some excellent information. That you for sharing your time and energy to post it.
    liquidwebBret, May 7, 2013 IP
  3. Andrew Azmi

    Andrew Azmi Greenhorn

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    Thanks for sharing this info. with us :) ... wish you best luck with your revenue via Youtube.
    Andrew Azmi, May 7, 2013 IP
  4. Epricity

    Epricity Greenhorn

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    Nice meaty post, packed full of details. I like this. Going to have to revisit this after i've had some sleep.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Epricity, May 7, 2013 IP
  5. flexcarrera

    flexcarrera Banned

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    I undertake something very similar and it provides a tidy passive income, only with a few twists involved along the way. Internet marketing in general is a grind, however it can be a very rewarding grind.
    flexcarrera, May 7, 2013 IP
  6. Isadore Gregory

    Isadore Gregory Member

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    Wow! You completely blew me away. You revealed all of the steps necessary for anyone to follow what you are already doing without holding anything. If all internet marketers are like that, a lot more will definitely learn how to make money online. Thanks! Really shows you know what you are talking about.
    Isadore Gregory, May 16, 2013 IP
  7. Jing_MorinHosting

    Jing_MorinHosting Greenhorn

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    Since I love youtube, I'm encourage to try it :)
    Thank you for sharing such helpful posts... hope I'll get the same success like yours heheh
    Jing_MorinHosting, May 16, 2013 IP
  8. SERPpoint

    SERPpoint Active Member

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    Thanks for sharing your method of making money using YouTube, I would like to hear more from you if you are continuously making money from this method.
    SERPpoint, Jun 3, 2013 IP
  9. paternes

    paternes Greenhorn

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    paternes, Jun 3, 2013 IP