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Searchmonkey: Yahoo opening doors for developers

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by coolslko, May 16, 2008.

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    Today, Yahoo launched "Searchmonkey", A plateform to develpers that will allow developers and professionals to add useful informations such as customer reviews, ratings, images, contact details, navigation liks to search results.

    Accoding to Yahoo Search blog
    There are three components to this open ecosystem:

    1. Site owners share structured data with Yahoo!, using semantic markup (microformats, RDF), standardized XML feeds, APIs (OpenSearch or other web services), and page extraction.

    2. Third party developers build SearchMonkey applications.

    3. Consumers customize their search experience.

    So, what's in it for third party developers?

    With SearchMonkey, developers have a hand in shaping the next generation of search by building customized search results and mash-ups that users can add to their Yahoo! Search experience. By leveraging structured data from sites like CitySearch, StumbleUpon, eBay, or Epicurious.com, developers can add navigational links, reviews, contact information, and even locations to provide enhanced search listings.

    Developers can build two types of applications using SearchMonkey: Enhanced Results and Infobars. Enhanced Results replace the current standard results with a richer display. All the links in the Enhanced Results must point to the site to which the result refers. Infobars are appended below search results and can include metadata about the result, related links or content, or links for user actions (such as adding a movie to a Netflix queue).
    coolslko, May 16, 2008 IP