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search weigths

Discussion in 'PHP' started by trichnosis, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I'm working on a search script and i want to assign weigths for different criterias for my articles like

    title %15
    content %50
    hits %5
    creation date %10
    (maybe more criterias come here:))

    I need ideas for this or any articles which is related with this.

    Thanks for the comments
    trichnosis, Nov 30, 2007 IP
  2. selling vcc

    selling vcc Peon

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    I suggest something like this :

    1 - Fetch the results of a DB query like this ("SELECT title, content,... FROM db_table WHERE some strings comparaison is true") on an array

    2 - for each table row generate a % for each criteria, for example :
    * Title % will be equal to : (15 * number_of_search_terms_found / number_of_search_terms)%
    * Same for content
    * The table row with the biggest hits value will have a % of 5 for the hits criteria, and the row with the lowest hits count will have 0%, other rows well be calculated :
    hits % = (5 * row_hits_count/biggest_hits_count)%
    * Same for creation date (using timestamp instead of hits count).

    Then calculate the criterias % total and sort the table.

    Sorry for mistakes... I wrote this in a hurry !
    selling vcc, Nov 30, 2007 IP