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Search for 'perfect' CPC publisher software is driving me nuts!

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by DaMoe90, Apr 27, 2021.

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    Hi guys,

    My comparison blog is starting to take off regarding traffic in the last few months. Problem is, I'm not yet able to monetize the traffic arriving on my site. I've been looking for CPC software to monetize my clicks for days/weeks now and can't find it. I would think such a simple basic tool would be on the market but it does not seem to be the case. Therefore I would really appreciate any help you can give this newbie to get started!

    In short, my website is aiming to select and compare the 'best' suppliers of goods and services in a certain niche. Some of those suppliers do have an affiliate structure, but most of them do not. As I want to keep listing the best suppliers (this is why the blog is getting popular I think, because I'm not only listing the ones that have a affiliate structure), I would like to contact those 'best in class' suppliers myself and offer them the ability to be listed on my website on a PPC basis. This would mean, everytime the outbound link to the specific supplier gets clicked on, I get a dollar for example.
    In the ideal world, I would have to contact the supplier, negotiate the click rate, register the advertiser, create the link and publish it on my site. The clicks should be automatically billed every month, every three months or in case the treshold is reached (for example payment of $50).

    Yes they might not want to work with me due to various reasons. This would mean I'd go and search the second best one and list him or her. Yes it's possible to do this with an monthly membership fee but I think suppliers are a bit hesistant to work based on monthly membership fees as they would be paying even though links are not being clicked. Yes I can just subscribe to AdSense and put banners all over the place, but that does not align with the goal of my blog to only show the best ones.

    Does any one of you use or have a tool which could do something like this? Or do you have feedback why this will or will not work at all? Please feel free to share. Really appreciate all the feedback. Doesn't matter if it's positive or negative.

    DaMoe90, Apr 27, 2021 IP
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    Hello David! You can try our publisher panel.

    Contact me via telegram - https://t.me/MichaelPascalClickAdilla or by email -

    I will tell you more about our network.
    ClickAdilla, May 7, 2021 IP