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Search engine mod: Download anything through google

Discussion in 'Google' started by BHWSucks, Apr 1, 2009.


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    Here is a good one for a bunch of downloads: just type in the search bar, there are tons of variations to this, figure them out, and post here with your find!

    Google codes for free downloads and what not:
    Code (Text):
    1. "a charge from clickbank"
    2. inurl:cbreceipt
    3. inurl:cbreceipt=
    4. cbreceipt=
    5. cbreceipt
    6. cbreceipt click
    7. Thank you for your order
    8. Thank you for your purchase
    9. Thanks for your order
    10. Thanks for your purchase
    11. Thanks for purchasing... [name of the ebook]
    12. Order Confirmation
    13. Order Confirmed
    14. wso.......... short for "Warrior Special Offer"
    15. wso plr
    16. wso thanks
    17. wso thank you
    18. wso ty
    19. wso download
    20. plr thank ty
    21. Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*com
    22. A charge from CLKBANK
    23. A Charge from paypal
    24. Paypal payment or paypal payment confirmed
    25. Paypal Statement
    26. CLKBANK "save as"
    27. CLKBANK Download instructions
    28. CLKBANK*com
    29. CLKBANK "right click"
    30. CLKBANK click
    31. Download the latest version of adobe acrobat reader
    32. "right click" "save target as"
    33. "right click" save
    34. "right click" "save file as"
    35. Click here to download
    36. "Save target as"
    37. "Save file as"
    38. receive future updates
    39. username is password is
    40. username: password:
    41. Members
    42. Members area
    43. thank you for your order +download
    44. Congratulations on your investment.
    45. Your credit card statement will show a charge
    46. thankyou.htm
    47. thank-you.htm
    48. thank_you.htm
    49. download.htm
    50. downloadlink.htm
    51. downloadpage.htm
    52. members.htm
    53. private.htm
    54. priv.htm
    55. priv (no .htm, this will display any files under the folder named priv)
    56. members
    57. private
    58. ebook.htm
    59. yourebook.htm
    60. myebook.htm
    61. ebook.pdf
    62. yourebook.pdf
    63. myebook.pdf
    64. nameofebook.pdf (replace nameofebook.pdf with actual name)
    65. index.of title_of_ebook.pdf
    66. shortversionofebook.pdf (if there's an acronym for the ebook)
    67. promember.htm
    68. thankyou1.htm
    69. secrets.htm
    70. hidden.htm
    71. downlink.htm
    72. down-link.htm
    73. down_link.htm
    74. download.htm
    75. downloadpage.htm
    76. download-page.htm
    77. download_page.htm
    78. verified.htm
    79. paidmember.htm
    80. paid-member.htm
    81. paid_member.htm
    82. verifiedmember.htm
    83. verified-member.htm
    84. verified_member.htm
    85. alert.htm
    86. alert
    87. resources
    88. resources.htm
    89. <input name="return" value="
    90. (NOTE: also try adding the product name to the search)

    you can also use alexa for this method
    You can try many different combinations of phrases if your trying to find a specific product like:

    Code (Text):
    1. Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from CLKBANK.com
    2. A charge from CLKBANK
    3. A Charge from paypal
    4. Paypal payment or paypal payment confirmed
    5. Paypal Statement
    6. CLKBANK save as
    7. CLKBANK Download instructions
    8. CLKBANK*com
    9. cbreceipt or cbreceipt click
    10. CLKBANK right click or CLKBANK click
    11. Download the latest version of adobe acrobat reader
    12. right click save target as
    13. right click save  
    14. right click save file as
    15. Click here to download
    16. Save target as
    17. Save file as
    18. recieve future updates
    19. username is password is
    20. username: password:
    21. Members or Members area
    23. Thank you for your order
    24. Thank you for your purchase
    25. Thanks for your order
    26. Thanks for your purchase
    27. Thanks for purchasing......
    28. Order Confirmation
    29. Order Confirmed
    31. wso................short for "Warrior Special Offer"
    32. wso plr
    33. wso thanks
    34. wso thank you
    35. wso ty
    36. wso download
    38. plr thank
    40. ...and then add the product name on the end of it.

    These methods will give you access to a ton of download, in which usually you have to pay for, but it will give you a link directly to the download page, if one is available.

    If this is the wrong section for this forum, please move it, i'm new to it, just let me know!

    I hope you guys enjoy, and find copious amounts of downloads that may be useful to you!

    BHWSucks, Apr 1, 2009 IP
  2. Bill_Stanbrook

    Bill_Stanbrook Active Member

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    I don't think providing information to allow people to steal copyright works is a particularly good way to start building your reputation on a forum you just joined. You might want to rethink that strategy.

    There are enough crooks and scammers on this forum already.
    Bill_Stanbrook, Apr 1, 2009 IP
  3. Deriknut123

    Deriknut123 Peon

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    r u being serious..how can google capture these...
    Deriknut123, Oct 17, 2009 IP
  4. Black Fire

    Black Fire Active Member

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    This is pretty interesting, is it legal?
    Black Fire, Oct 17, 2009 IP
  5. Black Fire

    Black Fire Active Member

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    Maybe posts like this are the reason he's banned.
    Black Fire, Oct 17, 2009 IP
  6. WebshoppeSolutions

    WebshoppeSolutions Peon

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    Google also goes in under the https:// and lists supposedly secure pages that exist behind login forms. It does this with "all" shopping carts.
    WebshoppeSolutions, Oct 17, 2009 IP