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Search and advanced search now only goes back to September

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by nmoth, Oct 16, 2017.

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    For a few weeks the search and advanced search on my account only goes back to the start of September. Prior to this I was able to search a word and it would show all results going back to start of the account (2012) .. I have used this feature quite a lot over the years, so I have all the settings correct (choosing 'latest' etc)
    The results it brings back prior to 1st September are all replies.. so it is picking up other accounts replies to mine, if I click on those, I can't get my original post up.

    The number of tweets hasn't gone down, it seems they still exist, but for some reason have become unsearchable. I have checked all settings, unchecked safe searches etc, taken filters off

    If I look through the media tab, I can go back a long way (until the browsers starts slowing up and freezes for some reason) .. and can see that the tweets exist prior to September.

    Just thought I would check on here, if anyone knows why this is happening or a way to fix it?

    Many thanks

    (Oh also I had a previous issue a month or so back when the account stopped working in android app, for about a month, and the issue started after this .. Not sure if this is linked)
    nmoth, Oct 16, 2017 IP