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Scrolling Blues :o

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Rhosyn, Apr 9, 2005.

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    Hello there all

    Well normally I struggle to find answers to things myself, but I think I just hit the brain overload, I am trying to do two things in dreamweaver.
    I have a page I do not want to move from the centre of the screen, and within that page I want a text area that scrolls, ok now I can do that no problem, there is my wee scrolly area. But and here is the total hair pulling bit, screen res design box is in the centre just where i want it to be, then I change res argggggggg the dang thing has thrown a fit and gone to the left, it does not move within the layer I want it to, so here is the question how do I make it stick and stay within a set area.. Ohh this is a piggie to explain, ok link me thinks, this is what I do not want this to do:


    This is just a thrown together example, but if you are in a high res then its fine the box is happy and sits there a treet, but if i chante to 600x800 the box throws itself all over the place :( how can i get the little rascal to sit there, like i said wayyyyyyy up there I use dreamweaver and errr im self taught so be gentle.

    Thanks for you help

    *PS I forgot to mention that some of the people that will see the site refuse to scroll down they want the page glued to the spot *laughs* the irony of *I dont mind scrolling if there are no normal scroll bars and long pages*
    Rhosyn, Apr 9, 2005 IP