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Save my day.. My ads being disapproved. But why?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by sanomani, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Greeting all,
    I have spent days after days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, trying to contact facebook support, editing my ads, going through advertising policies, online forums.
    Googled everything on my way..
    and now came here shoulders down.

    I have been using facebook ads since 2012.
    Just recently, I got my advertisers account suspended (for policy violation) ..
    I am not very sure where it went wrong. I tried appealing, but in vein. They dont even provide any detail. :(
    Later I tried to boost a couple of posts using my wifes personal ad account, (a new one).
    But not a single ad is being approved.

    Can anyone look at one of my ads and tell me what I need to do in order to get it approved?

    Some relevant info
    My wife and I run a home based business, solely based on fb, we dont have a website.
    We take orders for custom made handicrafts, also clothes and cosmetic products that we import upon receiving order.
    I am not using any logo, copywrite images.
    Screenshot of original post is attached.

    Some screenshots.


    And this is the original post

    I am really stuck here.
    Any help will be much appreciated.
    sanomani, Nov 10, 2019 IP
  2. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Notable Member

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    It will be hard to help you since we do not know which advertising policy that you are not in compliance with.

    Further, you should seriously consider having your own website so you are not at the mercy of a faceless behemoth. Granted, it takes a LOT of work, but in the long run it will pay off.
    mmerlinn, Nov 10, 2019 IP
  3. sanomani

    sanomani Member

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I tried to read and understand the policy page several times, but failed to figure out what went wrong. Specially, when we ran similar ads over several years, now suddenly may be something changed and not a single ad is being approved.

    I agree with you about own website, but again, we would still need facebook ads, since 99% of our customers are there :(
    May I inbox you link to our post so you can take a look, if you find something? Its a short post, wont take more than 1 min.
    sanomani, Nov 10, 2019 IP
  4. maglow

    maglow Peon

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    Hi, hi. I experienced the same and incur the wrath of Facebook too. I suspect it is your payment details that come across as a way to solicit for order overly directly. Though I see nothing wrong by explaining the procedure.

    I am exploring other ways these days. Try Facebook group sharing by joining other Facebook groups and post what you have posted on your timeline. Facebook will not bother you when it is done that way....
    maglow, Jan 21, 2020 IP