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Sass Error - Unexpected character sequence

Discussion in 'CSS' started by Sam_Jackson_Hole_Wyoming, Feb 6, 2018.

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    In my app, I already have a sass structure/files created by an expert. I understand sass but don't have the expertise to solve this problem.
    I simply wanted to add flags to my app's CSS from here https://kfpun.com/flag-css/ where the author provides scss files.

    So I dropped the scss files to my directory next to other scss files and added the imports so that when I process my scss files, the necessary css would be included in the output.

    When I try to process them, I'm getting an error that looks like this:
    This is what it looks like in Visual Studio with the error when I hover over the line.
    What exactly is the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks.
  2. Blizzardofozz

    Blizzardofozz Well-Known Member

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    As far I can tell, VS cannot read sass. It cannot process the keyword "when".
    Blizzardofozz, Feb 20, 2018 IP