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Ruby On Rails Myths Busted

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by DiggDigital, Jan 20, 2015.

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    Over time Ruby on Rails (ROR) has gathered a slew of criticism. It’s being called sluggish or difficult to scale, and has been beaten upon a lot in tech forums. The doubts and the fears that revolve around Ruby are definitely damaging to the image of this advanced programming language. In this article, we highlight the opinions of many Ruby admirers, scattered over the Net, as they bust some anti-Ruby myths.
    Myths No 1: Rails Is a Language used for Talking!

    Bust: The inconvenience of Ruby’s regular expression-based was only in its early stage and that approach has long been supplanted. For example, Basecamp, the Web-based project management tool has its content available in more than 70 languages at least and it works great.

    Myths No 2: Deploying in Rail is tough.

    Bust: Phusion Passenger makes deploying in Rail pretty smooth. It is a single free, open source module for Apache which allows to interpret PHP files-like with ease while deploying it to Rails. Apache plays multiple roles of Web server, load balancer, application server and process watcher. When you need to bounce it, you simply have to drop in your application and touch tmp/restart.txt. And here you are, good to go.

    Myth No 3: Rails Is Hard To Learn.

    Bust: Ruby is as difficult or simple as Java or PHP, and the codes look similar to the other two. In fact, Ruby’s codes are to the point and written with precise brevity which makes it rather easy to learn Ruby. Once you learn Ruby, you will find Rails as easy as other frameworks you probably work on.

    These are just a few of the busters of the dozen myths that exist and have been a matter of concern for potential Ruby users over time. Yet the fact remains that Ruby is one of the fast developing advanced language that has been used as a building block by many successful brands including Shoppify if you’re interested in learning Ruby, you can actually do it for free on sites like LearnStreet and some others.

    DiggDigital, Jan 20, 2015 IP