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RSS News Feed Starter Template for CARP RSS

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by noppid, Jun 8, 2005.

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    Many folks want to run syndicated news feeds on their websites to provide fresh on topic content. Content that changes and keeps your site fresh looking has many benefits.

    RSS News Feeds are free and so are most of the RSS readers. However, many folks get bogged down in learning how to utilize a RSS news aggregator/reader.

    One of the most popular RSS News aggregators is Carp RSS and it is available for free. But the instructions are geared toward experienced programmers making it difficult for folks to implement this very powerful tool that will enhance their website.

    Recognizing this and having answered many questions on the subject, we thought the best thing we could do was provide a working example with a full explaination to get folks started using RSS Feeds to enhance their websites.

    We present to you a FREE Carp RSS NewsFeed Template to get you started.

    Now you can add a newfeed page to your site in minutes with all free industry standard software. Carp RSS properly parses and formats the RSS data. The data can also be enhanced with the built in controls.

    Carp RSS also properly caches the RSS data which improves the performance of your websites that make remote calls to other servers for RSS data. This prevents you from having the webmasters of the datafeeds ban you because you are hitting their feed for every hit at your site like some home grown RSS readers do. This is also considered internet pollution. (Excess traffic)

    Download the FREE Carp RSS NewsFeed Template today and get free on topic and up to date fresh content on your sites!
    noppid, Jun 8, 2005 IP
  2. exam

    exam Peon

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    Sounds good, but where is it? The link just goes to the main page of your forums and I don't see a link to it like the FREEBS. I'll look back later :)
    exam, Jun 8, 2005 IP
  3. noppid

    noppid gunnin' for the quota

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    It's in the Website Administrators Corner titled "Using Carp RSS for News Feed Content".

    noppid, Jun 8, 2005 IP