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RSS Feeds that wreck page layout

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Lucky Bastard, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Since implementing RSS on my site the other day I have noticed some RSS feeds (very few, but still too many) totally destroy the page layout. One example is this very long line:
    Then it goes in to this long URL
    (Note the above has no spaces and as such breaks the table, and pushes it out. Second note added the "-" to the URL so that the forum doesn't make it a hot link so you can see the long string :D )

    I know the above is a URL, however it doesn't display as a link in the rss feed which is strange in itself (or not??), but it raised with me the issue that this may happen again...so besides that point, what would be the best way in PHP to check the description tag for these unusually long string and shorten them if they are there..so the site formatting doesn't get destroyed by it?
    Lucky Bastard, Jun 24, 2005 IP
  2. dave487

    dave487 Peon

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    Are you able to store the link(s) in a database?

    If so you could then link to mysite.com/redirect.php?url=x and avoid having such long urls
    dave487, Jun 24, 2005 IP