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rotatelogs problem on windows

Discussion in 'Apache' started by caro, Dec 9, 2005.

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    Hi there,

    I'm encountering a problem with rotatelogs on a Windows machine.
    rotatelogs.exe is several times being started for some reason. Multiple processes are present in Taskmanager.
    I can only resolve this by a machine restart, not even by restarting Apache.
    How can I prevent multiple rotatelogs processes being started? Or else, how can I stop them, kill them?
    Is there a script to do this? (if (rotatelogs.exe==started) {don't start new rotatelogs}... or something)
    caro, Dec 9, 2005 IP
  2. chrisd

    chrisd Well-Known Member

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    Been doing some research, on the web, about this problem is commonly reported. Since years.

    Running Apache 2.2.0 here and the problem is just worth.

    The symptoms are:
    - Start to many rotatelogs.exe (like 4 instead of just 1/per site)
    - 75%+ of these rotatelogs.exe do not get released when restarting service. Requires a reboot

    Also this might be the cause with the graceful restart does not work ?

    I'm going to give http://cronolog.org/download/index.html a try....
    chrisd, Jan 27, 2006 IP