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Selling Roku Channel Development Service

Discussion in 'Services' started by psychost, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I'm in need of money and figured I'd design some channels for some people...

    Below are some screen shots from a 4/5 star channel that I run.
    Your channel would have a similar design.



    In Line





    I charge $20/hr minimum for my work.
    Here are your options for the channel and what I'd need from you.

    1) Channel graphics, You must provide me with a logo and if you want specific images for thumbnails, I'll need those too.
    -Note: I can generate thumbnails for your videos, no problem

    2) You will be required to have your own hosting, HOWEVER if you don't have hosting I will let you run off my server for free if you allow me to run my own ads on your channel

    3) You MUST own or have permission to any copyrighted works on the channel

    4) You may have video (not live, unless you provide the HLS stream), Audio (you provide the audio or shoutcast stream), Photos

    5) Videos must be in MP4 format, I will gladly format them for you.... If your going to be on my server you must use an overall bitrate no more than 800kbps

    6) You may run your own ads on the channel, $20 to enable this and you must get approved by http://adrise.com (Ads will be at the beginning of the video only, no commercial breaks)

    7) IF you have ads on your channel you will lose the ability to resume a video where you left off, keep that in mind. again if you host on my server, ads are a requirement

    8) I can submit your channel to be public but there is no guarantee it will be accepted and it will be reviewed at Roku, Inc discretion, not mine.

    9) Private channels (channels not in the channel store) can be easily published

    10) IF you run your own server it must be capable of php and mysql if you intend to have the ability to use search

    QUESTIONS are in-thread only! Please do not pm me unless your buying my services
    Note: You will receive the source which is licensed under the Apache license for commercial use
    psychost, Aug 2, 2012 IP