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Selling Rmmv.co 5.7k unique viewers in 7 days

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Xyphien, Dec 29, 2017.

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    https://RPGmakerMV.co as well as https://RMMV.co are two sites that I've owned since October 2nd, 2015. In that time it has gotten almost 27.5k registered members, with almost 45k total messages. The site is built around resources for a gaming program called RPG Maker MV. It was the first MV forum created, and because of that it's ranked high on most RPG Maker MV SEO.

    The website requires little to no attention needed, and generates around $2k yearly with the margin available being so much higher. I haven't been active on it for quite some time now, this includes promoting it, managing the SEO, etc. in about a year now. Yet it still manages to stay on the front page on google for several high tier searches. I don't know all of them but here are a few:

    RMMV Resources (We're literally the first box on google)
    RMMV Plugins
    RMMV Sprites
    RMMV Downloads
    RMMV sell your game
    RMMV sell your resources
    rpg maker mv plugins
    rpg maker mv resources
    rpg maker mv sprites
    rpg maker mv downloads
    rpg maker mv
    rpgmaker mv

    And more than likely so much more. Those searches are the most used searches for rpg maker mv, and we're even first on the original searches itself.

    Below are some pictures of the statistics of the website:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With this website there are five ways of profits. I recently just implemented one, and will be trying it out this month unless I have an offer that spikes my interest. These four ways are Google Adsense, Monthly Donations, Yearly Donations, Paid Games/Resources, and Featured Resources (Just implemented this).


    There's still 2 more days left in the month, so I'll be rounding a little bit. In an average month RMMV makes around $85, which equals out to $1,020 a year. This occasionally fluctuates depending on the month. Sometimes It'll drop down lower, sometimes It'll raise a little bit. Now, that price is JUST for the adsense.

    Monthly Donations:

    There are currently 5 monthly donators. Which is a $5 a month donation. This equals out to $25 a month, thus totally $300 a year.

    Yearly Donations:

    There are currently 2 yearly donators. Which is a $25 a year donation. This equals out to $100 a year.

    Paid Games/Resources:

    This one is set directly via my paypal, so it is hard to pinpoint exactly how much I make, and all depends on how many resources are bought/sold for that month. To put it into perspective I receive 20% of ALL sales on the website. There are products ranging from $1 to $20 and even higher. In the last month I had around $35 in my paypal from misc people, sadly I don't have it set up to show me if it's from the website or not. I'm going to assume it is as that's the only thing I have set up via my paypal other than G2A which I haven't used or sold anything in a few months. Using the $35 as a reference that's another $420 or so a month.

    Featured Resource:

    Once again this is a new implementation, I'll have to wait and see how this works out. As of now they will have a choice to pay $5 to have their resource featured. This will not only bring in an easy $5 payment, but also help increase sales for that product as well. The $5 payment will be for a month of being featured. I do not have any base statistics I can go off of for a somewhat accurate representation of how much you'd make so I'm going to leave that out this month.

    For the 5 other resources that equals out to around: $1,840 in a year. This is of course an estimate and not exactly how much you will make, simply a calculation of this current month. The website is 2 years old and quite established so it's pretty safe to say months don't fluctuate all that much.

    More about the website and what you get if you purchase it:

    The website runs using Xenforo, and is currently running through HawkHost. It's over 2 years old and as of now established quite well. I haven't promoted it or managed it in a while as I have staff that manage it well enough without my help on top of being too busy to actually do anything on my end. Occasionally I'll update the logo, and colors of the website to show the current holiday. For example right now there's snow, and the colors are light blue and white. This is really easy of a task and normally doesn't take me more than 10-20 minutes to implement and 2 minutes to remove.

    When/if you purchase the site it will come with the database, a new admin account with full access, both RPGMakerMV.co as well as RMMV.co and nearly everything besides the hosting itself. I highly recommend using HawkHost hosting as they can, and will be willing to transfer the site, and all SSL's (it's registered through them) over to your hosting free of charge in most situations. This means you won't have to worry about doing it all yourself, and saves us both the hassle of sending the database, all information, etc. over to you. The domains are registered via NameCheap and I also recommend using them as it's a free transfer from Namecheap to Namecheap. If you chose another outside domain hosting you will be in charge of the payments, as well as helping me through how to transfer that over as I've only ever done it from namecheap to namecheap.

    If you have any more information on the website do not hesitate to either ask it publicly below, or PM me directly.
    As of now I have no set price, and looking for offers. I'll look through all of the offers, and see which ones I like etc. If there are better offers I'll let you know, and we can go from there. This is a not a first come first serve deal, it is simply the highest bidder. I will be just, and will not lie about false bidders. If there is a higher bidder and you do not believe simply ask me for proof and I'll be more than happy to provide a screenshot of the conversation. This is a large transaction and I will not have any hard feelings about you asking for proof of what I say.

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    Xyphien, Dec 29, 2017 IP