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Rich snippets in Google search ads

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by ervada, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I'm currently busy developing a review website, which of course makes use of rich snippets. When I look up something in Google I sometimes notice that some sites in the AdWords area have a rating given to them by an external review website. When I click on the rating I am taken to a Google shopping website, and I see that they are indeed given by an external review website.
    Is it hard to get in a position like that as a review website, so to have your reviews included on the Google shopping page? And do the rated websites have the option to include those reviews somewhere in AdWords or something? Also is this only possible to ecommerce shops who sell physicial stuff?

    I tried to look for some more information, but I can't find anything useful. It would be great if anyone could supply some useful articles about this kind of stuff.
    ervada, Dec 3, 2011 IP
  2. mithunjj

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    Can you show us an example ?

    You might have seen local reviews. IIRC, local reviews are also included in Adwords ads.
    mithunjj, Dec 5, 2011 IP