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Rich snippets code and site name in search engine results?

Discussion in 'Microdata' started by seotraining93, May 19, 2016.

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    Where do i add reviews code and site name in search engine results code for my website. If i add to home page every one will be able to see.I saw there are some websites published with reviews but the code not in homepage. Suggest me how to do..i need help urgently..Thanks in Advance.. and after adding how long will it take it is to be published in search engine results...Please let me know...
    seotraining93, May 19, 2016 IP
  2. Rezkin

    Rezkin Peon

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    You can use
    All In One Schema . org Rich Snippets if you are using Wordpress as your content platform for example. Google can choose not to include your stars from review code depending on how much quality is your review.

    If you use Google Webmaster Console to index changed page it can get into search results very quickly; from couple of hours to 2 days for example.
    Rezkin, Oct 14, 2018 IP