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Review Responsive Theme

Discussion in 'Design' started by falconlink, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Hello everybody,

    Good day and hope you're doing well. I have redesigned my favorite fashion site and just launched. The new theme is responsive and very interested to read your comments/ suggestions.
    Site URL : Fashionsbd.com

    Thanks in advance for your valuable time.
    falconlink, Feb 18, 2015 IP
  2. Baker Jaz

    Baker Jaz Greenhorn

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    If there is anything I know about fashion sites is the viral and sharing ability that gets a site popular if that is the goal of your site. Im sure there is a following in the fashion arena you are targeting. With that, I would put more social media icons at the top because I see you have them at the bottom.

    Also, I would add the search feature at the top or the side for convenience of users. At last, I would add some kind of trending feature or button for fashion to showcase what is hot at the moment.

    Overall, I like the new theme. Good Job!
    Baker Jaz, Feb 24, 2015 IP
  3. iDeservedhere

    iDeservedhere Member

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    I like the changes but the adsense thing that i found everywhere is not looking good. Also you can add some features and make it viral by doing social marketing. Overall good job.
    iDeservedhere, Feb 25, 2015 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Responsive? Kinda... but it's missing the stepping stones you should have had BEFORE making it responsive -- like elastic semi-fluid layout with dynamic fonts. The absurdly undersized fixed metric (px) fonts takes a giant dump on your accessibility from orbit. Likewise having the text built into those images means that as it scales down they get hard to read, and seems to be a missed content opportunity for things like search.

    Honestly, you're screwing around with the image sizes too damned much instead of just re-arranging the layout FIRST. I would not be shrinking those images until the screen was too narrow to show them, which in the case of those images is pretty much never; at least not if you're going to have the text saying what the image is of be part of the image.

    The constantly changing willy-nilly use of fonts makes it feel like the page was slapped together by five different designers too... oddball fonts, screwy font sizes and images as text instead of text as text really are the biggest visual failures in terms of design.

    The goofy "hide the menu" scripttardery is also problematic -- not just in terms of it's complete lack of graceful degradation, but in that the button for it seems placed willy-nilly and often gets "lost" in the clutter of the header. It really doesn't "stand out"... Likewise IMHO you've got WAY too many menu items; conventional drilldown through the site would probably be more useful to users than the flyout/dropdown menu as you are running into a usability issue known as "Link overload" -- presenting the user with so many options they are unlikely to figure out what they are looking for -- cannot find the forest for the trees.

    Of course under the hood it's the typical train wreck that occurs when bootcrap gets stuck to the heel a website -- my advice is find a stick to scrape that off with. You're using more markup and more CSS using the library (not counting the library size against that) than you would if you had simply written the HTML and CSS properly in the first place! Endless pointless classes for nothing, endless pointless DIV for nothing, gibberish use of numbered headings (are "popular categories" and "More resources" really a subsection of "Facebook fans"? That's what H4's after a H3 means! Much less where's the h2 for the h3 to be the start of a subsection of, or the h1 for the entire page for that matter?!?), tables for layout, tables for NOTHING (here's a tip, if you only have one TD per TR it's NOT tabular data!) -- code-wise it's a laundry list of how not to build a website; though ENTIRELY what I expect to see when bootcrap and jqueery are involved.
    deathshadow, Mar 2, 2015 IP
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  5. SocialSignals

    SocialSignals Active Member

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    I don't like the colour pallete of the logo. The background to should change. Also, something about crisp angles, bold colours just makes me cringe. It looks like a small shop.

    If you are open for advice, you should make the main page wider and longer, so that you are not hit by the products without scrolling down. Also consider have more space between the products. It's how you create the effect of quality and price.

    Also, try to minimize colours into 2.
    Throwing all the colours in is like hitting all the piano keys together.
    SocialSignals, May 27, 2015 IP