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Review Our Android app

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by prince786, Dec 26, 2013.

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    prince786, Dec 26, 2013 IP
  2. ayush.

    ayush. Member

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    The app works perfect and does what it says, but here are the cons:
    • The ads ruin the show. I know that's the source of your earning, but since this is your first app you shouldn't have added ads.
    • The design isn't attractive. Usually, people first see the app when it's icon is attractive, and then the screenshots..and then they hit the Install button. You really need to work hard on the User-Interface, try make it minimal/holo/iOS7 Style.. (the designs which are trending these days).
    • Add more options/features. Being a PicFrame app, this app lacks the design of frames. I believe there should be more frame designs for people to choose! You see, there are normal photo editor (eg. Aviary) which have so many choices for frames and are packed with other features too.
    You may add advertisements after the app gets popular (like 10,000+ downloads) and the create a pro version (ad-free with more features) and free version (the one which is now).

    Good luck!
    ayush., Dec 28, 2013 IP