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Review on Vistnet.com

Discussion in 'Websites' started by hostm4st3r, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Hello, My name is Ehraz Ahmed,i'm going to write a review or you can say a experience which i had by using Vistnet's services.
    When I first started forum site that is mentorforums.net, security was the last thing on my mind. I figured that hackers were only out to get big sites like webhostingforums and digitalpoint, but that simply isn’t true.
    Hackers try to get into all forum sites they find on the internet – big and small – but it wasn’t until my friend forum site got hacked that I took action.

    At this time, I saw that a lot of forum owners were raving about some ddos mitigation plugin, which would essentially protected your forum site from almost any kind of malicious attack. It blocks out people trying to log into your webforum administrator's panel, leave spam comments, access your .htaccess file, or any other kind of hacker-like attack.
    About a month ago, I saw John Adams of Phpfoxcamp talking on Facebook about a new service he was using called Vistnet. I decided to sign up (for the 24 hour trial plan) and give Vistnet a try.


    After being active for just 1 days on my forum site (mentorforums.net), vistnet secured my site fully and blocked 2364 bots.

    After looking at these statistics, it scares me somewhat. After just one week, I had 29,496 views (human + bots) on my forum. Although less than 2% of those viewers were bad bots, those are still potentially malicious attacks directed towards my website.

    Also, vistnet also protected my site against 36 Gbps attack, even when i was using incapsula my site was not protected to this extent but after using visnet's security now i know who are the real gods in this field!
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2013
    hostm4st3r, Mar 7, 2013 IP
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    great company great support all the best, recommend to everyone!
    fgsg, Nov 17, 2013 IP