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Review on ImageSEO - SEO Tool for Images based on AI and ML

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by ParaguaFeliz, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Hey guys,
    My name is Matthieu, I have just (co)founded https://imageseo.io and I'm looking for feedbacks from people dealing with SEO and Marketing.


    In a nutshell, our tool shows you what's missing in your image SEO strategy and provide you with suggestions to optimize your filenames and alt tags using Machine Learning and AI. We have developed it because images are the best way to trigger a call for action but it seemed to us that images were really neglected by SEO Strategies.

    We also have an API and a WordPress plugin that automatically renames your image files and fill out your ALT tags.

    I didn't post it on the SEO_subforum because I'm mainly looking for reviews of the website/app/Wp Plugin and not for a SEO Audit. I hope it was not a mistake !

    Thank you for your feedbacks and criticisms I looking forward to read them to improve my MVP !

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