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Review new design: Kaleidomedia.com

Discussion in 'Design' started by jameskon, Jun 12, 2021.

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    There are still some broken links on the website, so please ignore those.
    Domain is live since 2007, and i have not worked much on it for seo as yet. but yes, its my business domain, and setup a new look for it.
    jameskon, Jun 12, 2021 IP
  2. Saputnik

    Saputnik Active Member

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    On mobile, I'd say there is still a long way to go.

    No https.
    Menu icon located in a non-intuitive place, some 4/5 down the right edge of the screen, with arc of the logo visible at the bottom, looks ugly.
    When scrolling down, that menu panel remains fixed and obfuscates almost one quarter, one fifth of the screen - waste of space.
    When clicking on menu, it expands up, covers some 80% of the screen and discovers logo which does not fit to the screen and overlaps with "Home" menu item - looks ugly.
    Padding between menu items is huge - waste of space.
    When I click a menu item, I can see some content scrolling in those 20% of visible space, but menu remains on screen, I have to manually close it. If I click on a menu item, that means I want to read it, I don't want it to be hidden below menu.
    "Leave a message" button is always visible at the bottom of the screen; at some point during browsing, panel "Chat invitation" drops from the sky and blocks the menu icon - I have to close it if I want to access menu again. Upon a click, both of them open external service in a new tab that reads "There are no agents available right now to take your call. Please leave a message and we will reply by email.". If there are no agents available, then panel "Chat invitation" is useless, I don't get why further clogging the space when there is "Leave a message" buton...
    Blog links to a completely separate site on a subdomain, with different layout and quite different menu with far more options. Layout-wise I don't think it's good to have such a drastic difference between main site and blog, I wondered if blog might be a completely different site, and menu-wise, I don't understand why main site contains severely depleted version of menu compared to blog.
    Surprisingly, blog runs https; why then the main site is on https, it's inexusable?!
    Total of three blog posts in 2020. and one single post in 2021. give the impression of almost abandoned site, you have to update it more frequently.
    Logo on main site black and white, on blog site in colour. Alignment of three lines both in inner and outer circle of those two logos don't match, they look like two different logos, made in hurry...

    Tested on Firefox and Vivaldi, the same issues on both.
    Saputnik, Jun 13, 2021 IP