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Review my e-rate document retention site, eratedocx

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by marktravellinks, May 28, 2019.

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    Please review our e-rate document retention website: https://eratedocx.com

    ErateDocX is a secure, online documentation system specifically designed to help entities and service providers retain, organize, and maintain E-rate and IT Infrastructure records.

    E-rate records are created throughout the funding process, each and every year. ErateDocX was designed to assist entities with the annual storage, organization, and management of all E-rate files — proposals, bid evaluations, contracts, Invoicing, and more — so that you are not only fully prepared for USAC reviews and audits but to also efficiently manage other IT infrastructure elements.

    The ErateDocX team has spent the last 14 years supporting entities navigate the arduous E-rate process – application submissions, USAC reviews and audits, and deployments. ErateDocX was created to make it easier for schools and libraries to successfully manage their participation with the E-rate program.
    Online documentation is more than file uploads and downloads. ErateDocX allows for full management of critical E-rate documents for all stakeholders—IT Managers, CFO, Library Directors, consultants, administrators—in one platform.
    marktravellinks, May 28, 2019 IP