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Review backlink checker tool

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by sunnyverma1984, Jul 26, 2015.

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    sunnyverma1984, Jul 26, 2015 IP
  2. statsnaps

    statsnaps Member

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    Looks like a simple backlinks checker, as you have written in the description. What is the data source for the links?

    "ckeck" is misspelled on your submit button.
    "A simple but effective tools to analyze backlinks." may need a grammar check.

    You could add total links found in your new release.
    statsnaps, Aug 31, 2015 IP
  3. raffahacks

    raffahacks Greenhorn

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    So, except for the grammar mistaked listed by @statsnaps...
    - those social buttons should probably be moved under the search box
    - "What is backlink?" should be changed to "What is a backlink?" or "What are backlinks?"
    - "In terms of search [...] hyperlinks on web pages that link [...] Backlinks are also known as inbound [...] of your website."
    - "Some search engines like Google give more importance to websites that have a higher number of quality backlinks."
    - "various tests to determine how many [...] In addition to the number "

    - align the footer to the center, and give it some padding-bottom in CSS (let's say 10-20px)
    - it freezes most times without giving results, and when it does it shows no backlinks to my website (which has many). Remember that you require a powerful server to perform such operations...

    Hope to be useful. Cheers!
    raffahacks, Sep 1, 2015 IP
  4. daveman

    daveman Active Member

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    Hi Sunny,

    Just tested your backlink checker,
    1 the capcha is not working in firefox
    2 the results look out of date, on two out of three domains that I tested, clicked on the backlinks and they went to page not found.
    3 one of the three domains I tested returned no data and the backlink checker did not tell me why, this same domanin worked in another checker.

    Congratulations on your domain checking tool, it may need a little bit more work.


    daveman, Oct 1, 2015 IP