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[Review] AutoFauetScript - Ultimate Auto Faucet System

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Viola94, Oct 10, 2021.

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    Recently I did launched a new script for sale, I'm talking about AutoFaucetScript, a new multi coin auto faucet system and I would like to hear some feedbacks.

    You can find more details about this script and a demo of it, here: www.AutoFaucetScript.com
    Viola94, Oct 10, 2021 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    IT's an accessibility mess. The use of pixel metric fonts in an absurdly small 13px tells large swaths of users to go plow themselves, diving for the zoom on a layout that breaks horrifically when zoomed. The painfully large max-width results in the long paragraphs being hard to follow, and visually the low padding makes content look just kind-of slopped in there willy-nilly. The call to action being shoved below the fold even on 4k displays is likely also hobbling conversions.

    Under the hood it is a trainwreck of framework ineptitude mated to 25 year out of date practices. Event the first bloody line of code:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN' 'http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd'>
    Code (markup):
    Proudly declares to the world that the site has its head wedged up 1997's arse. Why? Transitional literally means "in transition from 1997 to 1998 development practices". That version of HTML was created so that pages written in HTML 3.2 could add the new doctype to use the new features, and was NEVER meant to be used to build new websites any time after 1998!. Thus the use of tags like CENTER which we were supposed to stop using decades ago.

    And of course it's bootcrap... go find a stick to scrape that off with before you go tracking it all over the Internet's carpets. The ONLY thing you can learn from mind-numbing idiotic trash like bootcrap or failwind is how not to use HTML or CSS properly.

    This article by yours truly might do you some favors.

    Which is how you ended up with rubbish non-semantic DIV soup like this:
    <div id="header">
    <div class="logo">
    <a href="/" title="AutoFaucet"><img src="static/img/logo.png" alt="AutoFaucet" /></a>
    <div class="menu">
    <a href="#demo" class="nav fancybox">Demo <i class="fa fa-mouse-pointer"></i></a>
    <a href="https://scriptstore.xyz/autofaucetscript-ultimate-auto-faucet-system" target="_blank" class="nav">Buy Now <i class="fas fa-shopping-cart"></i></a>
    <a href="http://scriptstore.xyz/index.php?route=information/contact" class="nav" target="_blank">Contact Us <i class="fas fa-envelope"></i></a>
    Code (markup):
    For what any competent developer would/should likely have coded as:

    	<h1><a href="/">AutoFaucet</a></h1>
    				<a href="#demo">
    					<i class="fa fa-mouse-pointer"></i>
    				<a href="https://scriptstore.xyz/autofaucetscript-ultimate-auto-faucet-system">
    					Buy Now
    					<i class="fas fa-shopping-cart"></i>
    				<a href="http://scriptstore.xyz/index.php?route=information/contact">
    					Contact Us
    					<i class="fas fa-envelope"></i>
    Code (markup):
    The laugh being the latter looks larger due to formatting, but is actually 40 bytes smaller!

    Also stop pissing on accessibilty shoving new windows down users gullets with target="_blank". It was deprecated in HTML 4 strict for a reason, and the WhatWG bringing them back for HTML 5 is dumbass.

    Bottom line? It fails at accessibility, it fails at efficiency, it fails at design, and it fails at coding to 21st century standards. Throw it out and start over.
    deathshadow, Dec 5, 2022 IP