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[Review] Adnow

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Animmex, May 1, 2017.


Would you recommend AdNow yourself?

  1. Yes, despite all perils and potato grade support it's a good secondary ad network

    0 vote(s)
  2. No, I'd rather die than work with these peasants.

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    Oh Adnow, the network that always wanted to be like MGID but never quite managed, well lets take a look then shall we, now keep in mind this is not a full review yet, i will be updating and editing this thread as things change.

    Well Adnow isn't anything new in fact this old thread can shed some light, but it's 2015 right surely a lot could've changed and so i took the risk of losing $200 worth of ad revenue to make sure this network is as rubbish as everyone says.

    Well so far i have managed to make some money it does seem to be about the same rate as MGID except MGID has a lot of trickery up their sleeves to make sure you make as little money as possible and they don't seem to be deploying these, yet.

    Now their support team is the WORST SUPPORT TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, their IQ is compared to that of a potato, in fact i think it's unfair to the potato being compared to them, they have no idea what they're doing, they don't understand anything you say, they completely ignore whatever questions you may have, they don't know anything about the ad industry simple things like SEO they have absolutely no idea what it is, clearly it's the cheapest support team money can buy from india straight from the slums of mumbai ladies and gentleman i give you Adnow support team.

    So basically there's no support, you're on your own and i still haven't received my first payment i will request my first payment and apparently you have to open a ticket every time you request a payment so wish me luck!

    So hopefully soon i will be able to tell you whether it was a good idea or not to use them on my website but absolutely no way i can recommend them as your main ad network if you rely on people like that you're in trouble i'm sure.
    Animmex, May 1, 2017 IP
  2. Animmex

    Animmex Greenhorn

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    Update: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/forums/reviews.91/ They're full blown scammers https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/scam-alert-adnow-is-scamming-publishers.2804025/
    Animmex, Jun 1, 2017 IP
  3. MGID Representative

    MGID Representative Peon

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    Hello Animmex,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Currently we are working on improving our service and we will really appreciate your sharing regarding "a lot of trickery up their sleeves". We do want to provide our Partners the best possible service. Please PM me if you have any suggestions.
    MGID Representative, Jul 3, 2017 IP