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RevenueHits - Boost Your Income $$

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by RevenueHits, May 5, 2020.

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    Ready to carpe diem? Join our Referral Program!

    This is the perfect opportunity to boost your income during COVID-19 and after this storm will pass (don’t worry it will!). It is so easy and simple that we can explain it in 3 bullet points. Ready?
    • Share your unique referral ID code with friends and colleagues who are publishers looking to monetize their site.
    • When your publisher friend signs up for the program, you’ll be notified.
    • Sit back and watch your earnings roll in and make 10% of your friend’s revenues (according to our terms&conditions).
    That’s it! Told you it was simple.

    How to Promote the RevenueHits Referral Program: X Tips
    • Friends with Benefits – Do you have some friends with websites who are interested in monetization? Or maybe you belong to some groups with fellow publishers who want to boost their income? These are the people you want to offer this program first to trust you to have their best interests.
    • Spread the word – You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn about your experience and include your unique referral code. If social media isn’t your style, check out forums like WJunction and DigitalPoint. You can answer some questions or share your opinion while promoting your referral code.
    • Write about it! Write a blog post about monetizing your website or online publishing and include your referral link as a CTA. You could even write an entire blog dedicated to reviewing the referral program if that makes more sense for your audience.
    Of course, there are a million other ways you can promote your referral code, but these are some easy ways to get started.

    Ready to Seize the Opportunity?
    Then check out our referral program– https://www.revenuehits.com/referral-program/ - it’s the perfect opportunity to make more money during the Coronavirus crisis and beyond and if you don't have an account Sign up Now HERE: https://www.revenuehits.com/lps/pubref/?ref=@RH@I_nPm3wq9dEAXh79cTG6D-iYnnC3Du8g

    I am here to make this actually happen! Talk to me ASAP and let's start!
    Stay safe.
    RevenueHits, May 5, 2020 IP
  2. SevenKader

    SevenKader Active Member

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    I've applied and gotten in, but why everytime I put a unit up it only shows one ad, and the ad is always "Download."
    SevenKader, May 5, 2020 IP
  3. RevenueHits

    RevenueHits Peon Affiliate Manager

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    Hi Seven,
    Thanks for reaching out.
    I am communicating with you in private.

    RevenueHits, May 6, 2020 IP