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Resident Evil related forums are full of vindictive personnel!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Johnny Mnemonic, Jul 18, 2018.

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    I've been a member of forums to do with Resident Evil since I was a teenager. I'm 32 now and all the bullshit and cyberbullying I had before had calmed down for a few years. Suddenly, after we got all that E3 news about the (in my view, highly overrated) Resident Evil 2 remake, their fiercely loyal personas came out of the wood works, because they cannot respect other people's *OPINIONS* over a game.

    A few months ago, trolls started harassing a guy called Nemesis - on YouTube. Yes, he has a hyphen after his name. This guy didn't do anything out of the ordinary. All he did was upload a lot of videos giving his thoughts about the franchise, but that was it. He didn't use personal details and he doesn't even include his real name or name members of websites. They have since made videos sharing a lot of personal information about my life after I told them to hit the bricks and my negative experiences with people who betrayed me have been criticized, or mocked hard over the years. And this is just because they absolutely love Capcom's games and don't like it if a nostalgic fan who can see through their ploy, says otherwise. I've even seen other people getting banned from one forum for defending me.

    People need to realize that Resident Evil may as well be dead and Capcom too, because they are the worst gaming company when it comes to milking stuff and trying to fool all of their fans into thinking they are making better content, when they are just doing stand alone games that bring back old characters, but that's about all that happens. Remaking classic titles also means they have no creativity. The last several games were action heavy titles that blatantly lifted stuff from other major games. Yet no matter what, Renegade Operative and his cohorts make excuses for their vile behavior online. It's actually unhealthy to be online all day long.

    Johnny Mnemonic, Jul 18, 2018 IP