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Request for comments : roadmap for seductiveapps framework.

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by seductiveapps.com, Jan 27, 2017.

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    I've decided to opensource my seductiveapps framework (see https://github.com/seductiveapps/seductiveapps) and write more documentation to allow people who are relatively new to computer programming and website coding, to use the seductiveapps framework.

    Below here i have a 10-step plan to add value to my framework.
    I'd love to hear what you feel should be in the framework.
    The list is indeed prioritized, so feel free to comment what you think should get a higher priority..


    1. Fix the framework's startup routines to allow easy switching between development and live sites.
    2. Get webappObfuscator to work with the platform and apps run on the framework.
    3. Add documentation to allow people new to coding to work with the framework.
    4. Drag-to-resize vividDialogs by the end-user
    5. Add/improve the photoAlbum functionality
    6. Improve database sub-components (folderDB and treeDB), allowing for both SQL and JSON databases to be used with ease.
    7. Write an financial accountancy subcomponent that provides as much financial detail as a bank would keep track of. Storage at least in JSON and possibly SQL as well.
    8. Add a subcomponent that connects to the APIs of payment service providers.
    9. Add webshop functionality
    10. Add forum functionality
    seductiveapps.com, Jan 27, 2017 IP