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Repurposing blog posts into video

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Avican, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Hi blogger!
    I’m reaching out to you for a bit of help for my start-up Vidooya.
    First I’ll tell you what we’re doing.
    Vidooya allows bloggers (without any video production knowledge ) to turn their written content into engaging videos in 3 simple steps, by turning words into voice (TTS or Recorded) and incorporating stock photos and/or footage, as well as allowing their own upload of images, giving the ability to embed and distribute their video content. Here’s a sample of a final video: https://app.vidooya.com/api/v1/video/129

    Questions we have in order to tailor a special free account for bloggers:
    1- As a blogger and knowing the importance and advantages of video these days; have you ever thought of repurposing your posts into video? If yes, have you done it or what stopped you?

    2- If the video repurposing process is easy (3-Steps) and you get a free account, would you use it regularly?

    3- If as part of the free account tier you were asked to convert a minimum of 4 videos per month or your account would be canceled; would you see that ask as a) reasonable/doable, b) excessive

    I thank you in advance for your help and please let me know if I can be of help in any way.
    Avican, Dec 16, 2016 IP
  2. Mkcoy

    Mkcoy Well-Known Member

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    Interesting looking service. I've been looking into doing this myself recently for all the discussions I've been creating on the SEOClerks Community Discussions. And then uploading them to YouTube. I've been doing it manually for some of them by just pasting the text onto an image and then having the image scroll up slowly with the text spoken out. But I've been using some free text to speech software and it doesn't do a very great job (sounds really robotic). I like the voice in your demo video. Was that spoken by a real person and you paid for a voice over or is that the voice that's spoken when you use your service?

    I tried to sign up, but it was taking me to PayPal. I thought the free service (5 videos for free) was free? If so, how come I'm being redirected to PayPal?

    So yes, I've thought about it. And yes if the process is easy I'd use it regularly. And yes I'd convert at least 4 videos a month although I want to convert more (I have 300+ discussions I'd like converted to video).

    I didn't like the prices that much though and it looked quite expensive ($39 per month and I can only convert 20 videos per month). If you had a cheaper package for that amount I might be more interested (at first) and then depending on how easy the service is to use I might consider upgrading.

    But for now, I might as well just create them myself and pay for a voice over from SEOClerks or Fiverr or something. Just something for you to consider.

    Thanks though looks good and will keep my eye on it. Cheers!

    Mkcoy, Dec 16, 2016 IP
  3. Avican

    Avican Peon

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    Hey Mike!
    Thanks for helping us out with your answer; appreciated!
    Yes, we're trying to gather some info from you and other bloggers so that we can create a free plan for bloggers; currently it is paid, but with your help and answers, we'll be able to determine how to create the free plans.

    Thanks again
    Avican, Dec 16, 2016 IP
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  4. paul jumbo

    paul jumbo Member

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    I will take a look on the app or software I do more screen casting for my videos on Paul jumbo blog
    paul jumbo, Jan 7, 2017 IP