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Remote Upload of an Mp4 & 720P video URL from youtube

Discussion in 'PHP' started by gunwinz, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Hi Friends I have a website which will accept MP4 or 720P video Formats.
    But Iam unable to find such Quality links in youtube. So how can i find them from Youtube & remote upload those URLs to my server.
    gunwinz, Dec 6, 2012 IP
  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

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    They're copyrighted so you can't put them on your site without the copyright owner's permission. When you get that permission, ask the owner whether there's a high quality version. (If the owner made only a low quality version, it's not possible for you to get a high quality version, because none exists.)
    Rukbat, Dec 7, 2012 IP
  3. gunwinz

    gunwinz Greenhorn

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    Hi Rukbat,
    First of all Thank you for your reply.
    As you said its true that we need permission from owner.
    But here my problem is how to detect weather a videos URl is mp4 or 720p
    gunwinz, Dec 7, 2012 IP
  4. DaveInFL

    DaveInFL Peon

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    This is the old table
    17 3GP 144p MPEG-4 Visual
    18 MP4 360p H.264 Baseline
    22 MP4 720p H.264 High
    34 FLV 360p H.264 Main
    35 FLV 480p H.264 Main
    36 3GP 240p MPEG-4 Visual
    37 MP4 1080p H.264 High

    in the video url &fmt=18 would denote the quality.

    Now it appears the flag &hd=1 in the url flags high quality.

    As far as your remote uploads I would use an http request to check for a high quality version via regex and if it existed retrieve any embed code. If you wanted to download the actual video to your site then you need to parse through the video page and make a request to download the file to your server.
    Formats are still provided in the page metadata and available to download. I have done this in a recent project.
    sample of sending to collection

    I've done projects like that in the past and it's not easy getting through the server video security features. They use both a large guid and the requester ip address for each video served.

    To get the videos I used the Bing API due to it's high accuracy. If you simply add the site:youtube.com "search term here" .... more arguments - video argument
    you will get high accurate results only including youtube video results.

    sample bing request


    Good luck in your project.

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    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
    DaveInFL, Dec 7, 2012 IP