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Reddit - How do you get articles approved?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by MrLeN, Dec 28, 2016.


Do you think the moderator is in error?

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    Ok, so I set up a blog, which has 80 articles now. They're well written articles for the most part; SEO'd and everything. Each article has a video and a thumbnail, etc. So, I decide to try to add some articles to Reddit, as I have never really got into using that site before.

    So I add an article about a celebrity to the celebrity section and it is refused.

    Sorry, PromoterHost, your post has been automatically removed. Your account is brand new, and our subreddit experiences a lot of spam from new accounts. As such, we remove submissions from brand new accounts to prevent spam.

    So, I use the link to have it reconsidered, with this comment:

    *Note, I am not trying to spam my link. I am just showing the link so y'all can see what I was trying to add.

    I get a confusing response:

    Confused, I send this message:

    The moderator responds:

    So I ask for clarification:

    I get this response (basically showing me how to be a better "spammer", as far as I am concerned).

    The moderator's advice is to make a new account with a name that is harder to associate with the domain I am trying to promote. Isn't that the kind of thing a REAL spammer would do? Or maybe even create multiple sock accounts? Then wait 3 days so it won't be flagged as spam.

    I am literally scratching my head. I don't believe in spam, and I wouldn't try to spam -- but the moderator on Reddit said that my submission was the VERY definition of spam.

    I literally don't see how I was spamming.

    I own a blog. I created an account using the username of that blog. Since when was that a crime on the Internet? ..to create a username similar to your own blog? Who doesn't do that? Then, I submitted a well written article.

    I GET that the auto-bot, spam prevention, mechanism thingy was tripped. Ok, you get that! That's life. ..but upon being reviewed by a human, I get all that cryptic nonsense above? ..and told that the spam bot was right and I am spamming???


    Can someone please tell me how I can submit my articles to Reddit?
    Many of the articles on that website took half a day to write. I am GENUINELY trying to get the articles added on Reddit, so that they can be considered for people to like and discuss.

    P.S. I am going to send the URL of this post to the mod so they can see the discussion.
    MrLeN, Dec 28, 2016 IP
  2. ErgoPrime

    ErgoPrime Greenhorn

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    Reddit is very strict about spam and they hate marketers. You should post a link to one of your site only once per 2 weeks.....

    In between time you need to write comments that aren't self-promotional and participate in other discussions like a real redditor.
    ErgoPrime, Jun 27, 2017 IP
  3. KylieSweet

    KylieSweet Active Member

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    Its simply Reddit is not accepting anymore content from new accounts so I'm not surprised if one day they will not allowed the registration process for their site.
    KylieSweet, Jun 27, 2017 IP