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Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by MoritzB, Aug 24, 2020.

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    Hello together,

    We’re throwing a party and all of you are invited to join!

    About 2 months ago we launched the first serious astrology offer on Clickbank and it’s going up like a rocket
    Source: https://cbengine.com/id/codestiny-graphs

    We’re now #12 in the category and we’re just getting started

    Why would you care and why are our payouts constantly increasing (see screenshot above)?

    Astrology is a huge market that’s growing rapidly

    Yes, the market almost doubles every year and that’s people who spend money on this


    We target ALL signs with a personalized reading

    And yes, we provide custom links so you too can target individual signs and send your traffic directly to a reading customized for the sign - you can image what that does to your EPC and conversion rate!

    This offer is clean as a whistle and works on all traffic sources, no need to worry about your Facebook account promoting us!!

    Guys and gals, over 90% of Americans know their sign, that’s how big this market is
    And it’s a GLOBAL MARKET
    But now to the most important question...


    We pay 75% on everything, higher rates for true super affiliates (not for wannabes)

    a) Our front-end is priced very low at $7. BUT: This is a weekly subscription and yes, you get paid your 75% on the recurring! On average our clients pay for 3-4 weeks

    b) We have 3 finely tuned upsells at $17, $27 and $47 which work and our average order value is currently at $15.26 (and growing) - keep in mind that you receive this money immediately, that doesn't include the subscription payments you'll receive over the weeks to come which can easily double or triple this!

    c) We also have 2 order-bump on our order page which convert well without affecting our upsell take rate

    Higher conversion rates

    a) Unlike other merchants we don’t just drop our product on the market and ignore it.
    We are actively driving traffic to the offer ourselves. Why would you care?

    Because we have money on the line and we make damn sure to get the highest conversion possible. Check our site and subscribe to our updated on Clickbank and you’ll constantly see us running A/B-split tests to improve on our sales message.

    b) We are one of the few merchants who doesn’t force visitors to give their emails, milking your leads while you suffer from a lower conversion rate. In fact, we have reduced the data input from customer to a minimum because we all know how sensitive people are with their privacy these days.

    c) We’re using custom technology to have auto-video play with sound on all devices for our initial presentation. No click = higher conversions

    Product & Support

    a) The highest conversions are useless if buyers get a low quality product. This won’t happen with our offer. The astrological forecast the customer receives is done by professionals, value that is felt in low refund rate of only 5% - despite our aggressive billing.

    b) We care for our clients and you, our affiliates. You have a question, we answer. You want to know what promotional methods work? We’ll help you out as best as we can. We know that your success is our success so let’s make some money together!

    And here's where to find us on Clickbank + our contact details


    PS: We have this offer available in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as well!!
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    MoritzB, Aug 24, 2020 IP
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    PM sent, let's talk mate
    MoritzB, Sep 9, 2020 IP