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Received an advertizing offer for my PR3 blog

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Attente, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I'm running a blog in Russian. This was my first blog, so it used to be more fun than any marketing idea. I post there on topics regarding AdSense, and people do like my writing style.
    Today I got an email regarding the ad space on the blog. Basically, I would like to know what I can charge for placing a banner or a text link, say, for a month? Don't want to look rediculous, I just don't know the prices in the industry.
    The homepage has a PR3. All incoming links are natural (people link to articles they like). Google indexed the blog quite thoroughly, and it ranks high on certain keywords.
    Attente, Mar 8, 2007 IP
  2. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    I have never made such - but got repeated offers in past months - I use strictly adsense.

    but I may be able to give you a precise caculation model

    on my blog i have around 2000 unique page impressions in G and make some 30-35$/d

    hence I make all together 15-20$/1000 page impressions
    that could be a basis for you to calculate a price depending on your real traffic you have. - for that price a customer would have a reason to expect a top center ATF placment for his ad or banner up to 336x280 in size
    in a prime placement
    you may increase your revenue for your adsense related topics if you ad adsense and adwords referral banners or links on each page ... i get a few sing ups per months recently

    what about adsense itself - do you have adsense in RU language or not yet - I know a friend publishing in ru and bg has no adsense so far in bg

    if NO ru adsense yet - it will be but a question of time - another few months or so because the ru market simply would be far too large to neglect by G. the chinese market has already its google adsense since long time - a comparable situation with you

    if you have ru adsense - then i would focus on givine BEST prime locations always to G adsense since ru is a huge and ever expanding market that one day will result in strong adsense $ revenue

    good for you to be on a marke tin its earliest time - to be a leader and pioneer always is more rewarding than to be a follower

    Good luck to you

    God bless
    hans, Mar 8, 2007 IP
  3. Attente

    Attente Peon

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    Thank you for your input, Hans.
    AdSense is already showing ads in RU language, probably it's just a question of time when all ads will be in RU. Right now the relevance is very high - even EN ads are all about earning with AdSense, Forex, and Clickbank.
    I have AdSense ref button on my blog - last month I got $260 in conversions ))
    I will sure use your advice when making a deal with potential advertizers.
    Attente, Mar 9, 2007 IP
  4. MTbiker

    MTbiker Well-Known Member

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    My main method of pricing ad space, especially link sales, is to look at the DP link sales forum. I'll look for a site that is similar to mine and see what they charge, and go from there :)

    But keep in mind that DP has savvy buyers - if your potential buyers aren't that familiar with link sales, you can probably charge them more. That's one reason people buying through services like TextLinkAds pay much more than people digging around these forums.
    MTbiker, Mar 9, 2007 IP