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Buying Ready Made Site for You To Start Earning With CPALeadToday.......!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by point55, Apr 18, 2010.

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    OK, Now you can make money with CPALead too!!!

    Domain = MoviesTreat.com
    Registrar = Godaddy

    Hosting & Domain = Godaddy
    CMS = wordpress

    Its a start up website, with lots of potential, all the hard work has been done. You just need to publicize a little, and it will rock. It will give you enough bucks to cover the purchase price even with very low traffic.

    No promotion is done yet, so assume traffic and revenue to be minimal

    :: Quick Facts ::

    1. Keyword Domain.
    3. Search Engine Optimized design and content.
    4. Adsense Ready, perfect placements for adsense ads.
    5. Huge Earning potential, visitors will love your website.

    :: Auction Details ::

    Starting bid = 0$
    Minimum Increment = 10$

    BIN = Only 50$

    :: Payment Options ::

    1. Paypal

    :: Respected Buyer Will Get ::

    1. Domain Name.
    2. MySQL Database file.
    3. Template files.
    4. All the Plugins used for SEO, and other purposes.
    5. All the information required to run the site smoothly.
    6. Pack of 6-eBooks, on how to make atleast 30$ a day from CPAlead, with only 5mins work.
    7. Complete Personal Guidence from me on how to start earning from Movies Website.
    8. Complete setup of website (if you want) for Free!
    point55, Apr 18, 2010 IP
  2. kmap

    kmap Well-Known Member

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    is it a autoblog


    kmap, Apr 18, 2010 IP
  3. point55

    point55 Well-Known Member

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    No, its not an autoblog!
    point55, Apr 18, 2010 IP