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Selling RariCats 1,000 Video NFTs + Website + OpenSea Collection

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Space[ ]Kid, Apr 8, 2022.

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    A total of 1,000 completely unique videos are available, 500 of which have been minted in the collection on OpenSea, on the Polygon blockchain.

    The collection's website is: RariCats.com

    Check it out on OpenSea:
    I am the sole creator of this collection and can provide proof of ownership upon request.

    The RariCats videos are made as “Neural Moving Art”, which is an advanced rendering technique, and feature a magnificent cat endlessly rotating its head around, as the videos loop.

    The price is down-to-earth, and is nonetheless negotiable.
    The collection has been minted and is hosted (due to the videos' file size) entirely via OpenSea.
    The metadata has not been frozen, so you can modify it if you'd like.

    Royalties have been set to the maximum of 10% for the owner's crypto wallet (the one you will get), and that is also modifiable.

    Other than that, you simply choose the price - any price you want, and list the NFTs for sale - that is also done for free on OpenSea.

    The collection comes complete with NFT properties; featuring a five rarity levels property, five appearance color properties with 27 possible color traits each, and another four illustrious cat related properties - that's ten properties total.

    Rarity Levels Property:
    Rarity levels are presented in the "Stats" section, were assigned based on different combinations and prevalence factors of all other traits and move between 1 and 5, where:

    1 -> Common (54.9%)
    2 -> Rare (22.9%)
    3 -> Very Rare (12.3%)
    4 -> Super Rare (7.2%)
    5 -> Purrfectly EPIC RARITY (2.7%)

    Five Trait Properties:
    Cat appearance traits, which are presented in the "Properties" section, include the cat's Nose, Eyes, Ears (which can have the Waxy trait instead of a color), Fur and Tongue.

    For each of the above, the possible full spectrum of 27 colors, with a varied prevalence, are:

    Aqua, Azure, Black, Blue, Brown,
    Cerulean, Chocolate, Crimson, Deep,
    Gold, Gray, Green, Lime, Maroon,
    Mystic, Olive, Opal, Orange, Pink,
    Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, Turquoise,
    Violet, White and Yellow

    Four Additional Properties:
    1. Cat-A-Tet (mirrored video - rarest)

    When true, property gets the "Purr" trait, otherwise "Trill"

    2. CatInvert (inverted colors - rare)

    3. PsychedeliCat (trippy RGB distortion - quite rare)

    4. Whisker Whiskey (whether most whiskers on the cat's face are alike - common)

    When true, the above three properties get the "Meow" trait, otherwise "Snarl"

    What you get:
    The website: RariCats.com (domain + files) - a premium .com domain name, pre-paid for a year (SSL included), valued at $1,072 by GoDaddy (https://www.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal/appraisal/?checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=raricats.com)

    2. The crypto wallet that owns this collection, hence the OpenSea account with the 500 minted NFTs

    3. The ProtonMail email account that the crypto wallet is registered with. Also, no 12-word strings, a single password - just change it and you are all set
    4. All 1,000 videos in 1080x1080 HD, full usage rights and a list of which videos were and which are yet to be minted

    5. All 1,000 ready-to-mint metadata JSON files (if you'd like to mint elsewhere/programmatically) - fully-featured with all info, properties and traits

    6. All 1,000 thumbnail images

    7. Any assistance and advice you may require

    What you need:
    Basically nothing :) No other wallets, no web hosting, and no further technical actions are required in order to receive ownership of, and operate this collection.
    I simply give you the crypto wallet the collection is owned by and it's yours!

    Furthermore and after all, you do get 1,000 super unique videos! Post them on social networks for instant viral reaction - YouTube, TikTok, Instagram - and increase the popularity of your collection.

    If you have any questions, would like to negotiate a price, want a custom collection like this, would like me to mint the rest of this one, or any other concern, - then let's talk :~)

    Thank you very much!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2022
    Space[ ]Kid, Apr 8, 2022 IP