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Rank issue need help

Discussion in 'Google' started by Abahi, Jan 1, 2019.


How rank my website

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    Hello webmasters experts?

    How are you doing and happy New year to you as well, recently moved to the area and would like to know what SEO ful us too.

    SEO makes me feel better but the RANKING is other big issue related, I have been Blogging on my website and all the content are unique written by myself, whenever I published my content I see people copying and pasting my content on their website and get Ranking more than mind, which is not good, second Google is not sleeping about this issue, and I currently didn't have money to buy backlink in other get fake Ranking on Google.

    I am currently contacting Google terms to put me into consideration, I am trying my best to rank my unique content and Google keep putting me at the last page.
    Please Google put me into consideration and tell me what happened and why is my website not Ranking well.

    Awaiting for your positive feedback
    Mark Abahi
    Abahi, Jan 1, 2019 IP