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Buying Quick and easy php job, paying $5

Discussion in 'Programming' started by LordXenu, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I need a script popped together quick with a text input field. When I put a list into this field, the script needs to take each line of the list, and append to the end of each line, all the words contained in a textfile stored on the server, and output all the new lines into a text field in the browser.


    If I input the following

    "This is line one."
    "This is line two."
    "This is line three."

    and I have a .txt with the following insid eof it.


    I get an output like

    "This is line one. Cat"
    "This is line one. Dog"
    "This is line one. Bird"
    "This is line two. Cat"
    "This is line two. Dog"
    "This is line two. Bird"
    "This is line three. Cat"
    "This is line three. Dog"
    "This is line three. Bird"

    And if I don't tell you to START the project, DON'T START THE PROJECT! The last job I posted up here I talked to a few people about quotes and next thing I know have 3 different guys telling me they completed the project and I hadn't told a single one of them to start anything. Only one of you are going to get paid, so make sure it's going to be you before you start!
    LordXenu, Feb 19, 2012 IP
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  2. zappak

    zappak Active Member

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    alright.. got you.. just sent you p-m with quote

    zappak, Feb 19, 2012 IP
  3. LordXenu

    LordXenu Active Member

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    job taken.
    LordXenu, Feb 19, 2012 IP